Top 5 Places NEW Book Ideas Attack

idea-lightbulbSleeping – You wake one second before the alarm blares with the next bestseller dancing through your head. But as soon as you reach for the paper and pen you stashed next to the bed, the idea is lost. Sometimes preparation does not pay.

Traffic Jam – An idea of incredible magnitude flashes before your eyes–or was that the brakes lights of the car in front of you. The only tool at your disposal is the cell phone you’re not allowed to use in the car. And the watchful cop sitting next to you in traffic is just waiting for you to reach for it. The standoff ends when you finally accept the fact that the cop is faster than you.

In the shower/on the treadmill – The music is awesome via the newest track on your IPod or your best shower karaoke. The party is going strong, until that idea pops in your head. You stumble on the treadmill and pray no one saw you, or frantically try to rinse the burning suds from your eyes. Either way, the idea vaporizes faster than it appeared.

After a disaster – During a dinner event, the topic of conversation turns to the newest and worst tragedy the world has ever experienced. The light bulb in your head goes off. You grin and rub your hands together knowing this is the one. Everyone at the table notices your excitement… The idea is shelved and you’re never invited to dinner again. Timing is everything.

Working on your current book – This is the most common and easiest to overcome. When an unexpected idea shows up as you’re typing a critical death scene in your current Work-In-Progress, stop and open a new ‘idea’ file! I recently survived a vicious attack by two new novel ideas while working on my latest WIP. This is in addition to the sequels I need to write for two separate series. Now, I just have to find the time to write them.



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