What the Frozen!

2014pilingaloneLiving on the water is a privilege and a luxury that I’m usually very thankful for… That is until the Polar Vortex slams into our oasis and creates a giant block of ice. Our lake  is frozen solid, which sounds great if you have a pair of skates, not so great when you have a guide post that sits just out of reach of the ice eater.


Good thing my husband and I don’t scare easily, we decide to venture onto the ice and remedy the situation before the changing tides dislodge our precious pole. Necessary tools for our task include: rope, a battery operated drill, and a sledgehammer.


After tying ourselves together for safety purposes, of course. We drill the first test hole. Unbelievable, the ice is six inches thick! As we drill more ice we become confident and a lot more adventurous.


But then the work begins… 2014breakingice

Followed by a lot of play! Our first snowman on the lake! We call him Slush, for his time with us will be short. 2014snowmanslush2

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