The Slump Hump

SLUMPMOUNTAINPOSTAt times writers feel like they are standing in the shadows of a towering mountain with no way to climb it. I call this the Slump Hump. It is the moment you realize book sales have wandered off and you do not know if they will ever return. Your Inspiration Well is dry and Motivation just hopped a plane to Katmandu. Not to mention the response to your recent batch of query letters is a cricket serenade.

I have been staring at the Slump Hump and scratching my head for a couple months, unable to find my way over, around, under, or through the mounting obstacle. But I refuse to give up, because giving up is a quick path to failure. Instead I turn to a fellow writer, Desiree Smith-Daughety. Des and I are collaborating on a project, Two Weeks to Rites, which surprisingly is something I have worked on lately, but it is the only thing. To get my focus and energy back on my novels I have joined Des in a weekly Word Count Challenge. If I fail to meet my word count I am to suffer the pains of sit-ups and push-ups. One of each for every word I do not write. So, if I come up 500 words short on my weekly challenge, that is 500 sit-ups and 500 push-ups I have to sweat out. Sometimes the creative mind needs a little physical punishment. If my novel pages remain blank I will at least have six-pack abs and sculpted arms to show for my effort.

greatabsAbs  vs. Pages pile-of-paper

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