The Land of Neverending Want – A children’s rhyme

         In the Land of Neverending Want is a place where the happy children play.  A place where the grass is always green and the sky is always blue.  A place where no one ever has to wear their shoes.

          In this happy-children place the sun is always shining.  You never hear these happy children whining.  Games are played for hours, and even the losers are never sour.

          But there is a dark place in the land.  A place for the sad kids who don’t just want but demand.  In this place the children scream for all manner of things they claim to need.  These sad children’s want have turned to greed.

          In this sad-kid place the sun is blocked by heaping mounds of stuff tossed aside as junk.  All that stuff has been declared “never good enough!”

          One hot summer day, Merry May goes in search of some shade.  She finds what she seeks at the base of a huge mountain peak.

          From the other side of the peak come thunderous grumbles that set her curiosity in motion, and she climbs through the rocks and trees to find the source of the commotion.

          When she reaches the top and looks down.  She is surprised at what she has found.  Hundreds of mad girls and boys surrounded by piles of unwanted toys.

          Tricky Rick is the first to notice the intruder, Merry May, and he couldn’t be any ruder.  “Girl, go away! You are not welcome to stay!”

          “Why are you all so mad?  There’s no reason to be sad. I know a great place to play.  Come it’s over this way.” Merry May smiles and gives these sad kids a friendly wave.

          “We have everything here.  There is nothing out there, nothing but air.  There are no computers, no scooters, no remote control cars or plastic spaceships from Mars.  There are no bouncing balls or pretty dolls.”  Tricky Rick makes sure he is heard by shouting every word.

          “I do not want to fight, but you are not right.  You all seem so sappy.  Why not take a chance to be happy.  There are lakes to swim in and games to win, trees to climb, and words to sing in rhyme.  The place of which I speak is truly sublime.  Leave all this stuff behind.  You see, it’s better when you just use your mind.”

          Merry May’s song did not sound wrong.  While Tricky Rick huffed about, full of obvious doubt, the others were believing and already leaving.

          “Trust in your imagination.  Your imagination can be your salvation.”  Merry May held out her hand in a gesture both simple and grand.

          Merry May started a game that no one called lame.  Tricky Rick grabbed a stick.  He was catching on quick.

          By the end of the day, they all came to say, “Fun is enough!  We never needed all that stuff.  Thank you, Merry May, for showing us the way.”

3 Responses to The Land of Neverending Want – A children’s rhyme

  • Great story! This is one parents need to tell their kids… especially when those Christmas wish lists begin appearing. It made me think of how many parents over the past few weeks have said they could easily go through their kids’ toys, wrap stuff up, and the kids wouldn’t even recognize it as stuff they already owned! Also reminds me of adults who go shop to make themselves “happy.” Hey, this post stimulated a lot of thinking. Thanks… 😉

    • sandeerc says:

      Thanks for the comment, I wrote this little rhyme after meeting a very, self-entitled child. He turned out to be quite an inspiration, I have another children’s story with the same message. =o)

  • dalefurse says:

    Made me smile and, yes, great message.

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