The Final Scream

I published the following piece in the June edition of Monsters, Mayhem and More Newsletter. After sending this to 2,500 +  subscribers, I realized how down I felt. Figured others might feel the same way after reading it, and so I asked them to send the funniest joke in their arsenal to cheer us up in the next newsletter. The best joke wins a special prize, sorry that is for newsletter subscribers only. However, I decided to extend the offer, with a slightly less valuable, but still very awesome prize, to my loyal website/blog, Facebook and Twitter fans. Send a message with your joke and the best one will receive a digital copy of, The Dead Days Journal.



With the approach of summer Spring-into-Screams is coming to an end.  In this final segment, we will no longer speak of the things you have read in previous newsletters—the horror of nightmares and staged screams for the thrill of an adrenaline rush. Now we will speak of other types of screams. Those that come from an unexpected surprise. A joyous occasion when crying out is the only way to express the onslaught of emotion. Those are the good screams. The ones used to rejoice in a marriage proposal or when a loved one miraculously recovers from an illness. The birth of a healthy child. Times with friends that are so amusing the laughter turns to screams of delight. We hope to never forget those moments. For those are the screams we all cherish. Those are the ones we want to remember.

But they are so few.

The wrongness in the world is growing, and that reveals the darker side of screams. The kind that will haunt you… not in your dreams, but in your waking hours. The screams of a parent losing their child to unnecessary violence. The torturous screams, not from a person, but from helpless animals. Vicious abuse for the sick pleasure of another that seeks to dominate. In our world today, it’s those screams that we hear far too often. The screams of the destitute and repressed, the screams of the tortured and dying. Pains so deep no amount of screaming can take the hurt away.

There is a final scream… one that can silence humanity forever. I hope we never hear that sound.


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