romantic suspense


VOL. 2 


The first night away from home, I slept in the cool embrace of a vampire and dreamed of the death I’d left behind.

Beneath closed eyes an image of my mother appeared, whole and beautiful. Nothing like the last time I saw her face. In my dream she was tall and unspoiled, READ MORE

Invitation to Readers

The monsters are napping right now, so it’s safe to grab a seat and take a look around. My author name is Sandra R. Campbell, but friends call me Sandee. I dabbled with writing in my early years, but didn’t discover my passion for the written word until I was much READ MORE

Celebrate The Dead Days! (Contest)

Today is the official release of The Dead Days Journal and the beginning of a week long, online book blitz. For READ MORE

Revisiting the past…

The following is an excerpt from Butterfly Harvest, my first published novel.


My grandfather was never known for much. A coal miner by trade, in the sticks of the Appalachian mountain range, he found little glory in life. Viewed as the black sheep among the family of six he helped create, the man READ MORE