When you think about the second month of the year, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  Sweethearts, candy and flowers?

Most of us associate the third month of the meteorological winter with Valentine’s Day. While February is the shortest month on the calendar, READ MORE

Weldon, Smart Rhino & Zippered Flesh, Oh My…

I met Weldon Burge in the fall of 2014 at the Creatures, Crimes and Creativity Conference, more commonly known as C3 Con. We got acquainted over a pre-panel snack, discussing our affection READ MORE

Waterfront Writers’ – The Time Piece

Don’t forget to check out the last installment of Waterfront Writer’s, The Time Piece, anthology tomorrow, Friday September 27th.

Friday the 13th – Dark, Quirky, and Free!

A group of writers are launching a website where they will share their short stories, anthologies and a brand new web-series for your reading pleasure. Mark the date and follow now!