Movies: Guilty Pleasures

Channel surfing is an art form I’ve failed to master. My husband can breeze through the FiOS menu, without his glasses, and find something new and exciting to watch every time.  Where I can’t get past the movies I’ve already seen. What is it about these movies? I know every line, every scene by heart, and it’s not like the ending is going to change. I can’t resist movies like: Jaws, The Green Mile, Elf, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Get Him to the Greek, The Usual Suspects, Legend— though only with the Tangerine Dream soundtrack. Why they changed it I will never know, the music made the film. But my current guilty pleasure has exploded into something of an obsession. The big blue head of badness and his minion call to me as soon as the TV clicks on, because now it’s not by chance, instead I’m actively searching. And when I find it, which I always do, I laugh, I cry, and then I laugh some more. Anyone who’s not seen the movie Mega Mind…you’re missing out on a lot of fun.

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