Little Buddy Blue

Little Buddy Blue loves to play and has lots of toys, but he wants even more because they give him great joy. Little Buddy Blue pleads for a new toy every time his momma leaves for the store, and he begs for presents when his papa goes on business trips.

Christmas is Little Buddy Blue’s favorite holiday because of all the toys Santa brings, second only to his birthday, when all the brightly wrapped gifts are JUST FOR HIM!

The trouble, you see, is that Little Buddy Blue has so many toys he has no place to put any more. His toy box is overflowing, his closets are crammed full, and the dust bunnies had to move away because he even has mounds of toys under his bed.


Finally, when there is not an inch of space left in his room and toys burst out the door and spill down the stairs. His momma says, “Enough is enough. Little Buddy Blue, it’s time to get rid of some of your stuff.”

Little Buddy Blue can’t bear the thought of parting with any toy. He loves his toys and his toys love him. Each holds a special memory of fun and gives him feelings of joy.

He hopes, if he explains, that his momma will understand. “My toys are my friends and they will be sad without me. Look, this one is already crying.”

“Your toy is not crying. You left it outside in the rain and water is trapped inside.”

“What about this one? It’s falling apart over having to leave.”

“That one you left downstairs on the couch and it broke when your papa sat down.”

“Well, what about this one, Momma? All the pieces are trying to hide.”

“The pieces are gone, that is true, but they’re not hiding in hopes of staying in your room. You forgot to shut your door and Daisy Dog got in,” his momma says with a frown.

“Oh, Daisy ate them?”

When his momma nods, Little Buddy Blue suddenly understands. He loves getting gifts and playing with toys, but he has so many he can’t take care of them all.

Little Buddy Blue and his momma spend hours placing all his excess toys in boxes and bags. By the time they’re finished, his toy box and closets close easily, and there is plenty of space under his bed for the dust bunnies to return.

But as the boxes and bags are being hauled away, Little Buddy Blue begins to cry. “Momma, I didn’t take good care of my toys and now I’m throwing them away. My toys are so mad at me.”

Little Buddy Blue’s momma answers with a smile, “Your toys love you because now you are taking care of them, donating them to loving children who have none. That shows your toys how much you care.”

Little Buddy Blue smiles too. And now he would like to ask, “If your toys could talk, what would they say about YOU?”

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  • ktelega says:

    Hi from Indies Unlimited. What a great story. After reading this, it’s hard to believe that you have a dark side to your writing as well.

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