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The monsters are napping right now, so it’s safe to grab a seat and take a look around. My author name is Sandra R. Campbell, but friends call me Sandee. I dabbled with writing in my early years, but didn’t discover my passion for the written word until I was much older. Better late than never, I always say. To date I have authored three full-length novels, all of which I consider Unique Fiction. By industry standards my work falls somewhere between Paranormal Thriller and Romantic Suspense. However, each story has a few drops of horror and a flair for the fantastical.

When I’m not writing, editing or dreaming about characters and plot I tend to be outside, preferably by the water with a glass of wine close at hand. Many famous writers have contributed walking to their success, which is why I often jump on a modified treadmill with my laptop. When the body’s in motion the mind works through setbacks and breakthrough ideas pop. So, if ever you’re stuck on a problem, writing related or not, take it to the trail and leave your electronic devices behind.

This summer I’m going to be busy with writers’ conferences. I will be teaching a two hour workshop on collaborative writing at MAFWI Conference in August, as well as speaking on several author panels. In late September, I’ll be speaking on more author panels at the Creatures, Crime & Creativity conference. In-between I have a project To-Do list ranging from completing short stories and working on book sequels to creating a new stand alone novel. Surviving this schedule means practicing the three W’s: Write, Workout and Wine.

Feel free to check out my published works and download sample chapters on this website under the ‘BOOKS’ tab. You can also view my collaborative projects, with fellow writer Desiree Smith-Daughety, and shorter pieces of fiction at I love to hear from readers, so do not hesitate to drop me a line through the website ‘CONTACT’ page. If you like my work, help feed the monsters by showing a little fan love: post reviews. It is also helpful to this monster-loving author if you:

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