Interview with a Vampire

Val Okhovat is one of many monsters living in the pages of Dark Migration. As a rare treat he’s taken some time to sit down and talk with Maryland author D.A. Rhine.

Check out their conversation here: Interview with a Vampire

Dark Migration

An excerpt on Val:

Val stood by the counter with a glass of red wine in his hand. There was well over six feet of him and every inch covered in hard muscle. His hair was cut so short it was a black shadow creeping over his skull, giving him a hard, menacing look. Narrow sunglasses hid his eyes – the same way I hide mine – and it looked as if his chiseled jaw and tight lips were made of solid marble. Everything about him screamed “man,” from his stance to his aura all the way to his black-tailored clothing and heavy-soled boots. Unbelievable my memory of him still remains utterly blank.

We stood silent, staring, while I tried to detect a hint of thought, an image or some scent of emotion, but there was nothing. Empty just like Officer Kelley. Val took another sip of his wine and removed his sunglasses to reveal mismatched eyes, one black as coal and the other light brown, as he continued to eyeball me.

Kendrick cleared his throat rather loudly. “Val, Seanna. Seanna, Val. Sorry Val but she doesn’t remember meeting you. Our girl isn’t much of drinker, and well, as a result has a case of inebriation amnesia.”

The corners of Val’s mouth twisted, his lips cracking open slightly as he extended an extremely large hand in my direction. “Val Okhovat. The pleasure is mine. Again.



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