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Dark Migration (Butterfly Harvest #2)Dark Migration by Sandra R. Campbell
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Are you afraid of the dark? Dark Migration starts out with Seanna Raines reliving her memories of a fresh killing. The story begins with a twist and keeps you on your toes the whole time. Seanna is not your average girl. She was created by Samuel whom she killed by sucking out his soul and then gained the souls of everyone he in turn killed. The question is, did she kill in self defense and will she kill again? Unfortunately, her body is starting to crave souls with greater intensity. Her guilt about the metamorphosis she is going through and killing her “maker” create conflicting emotions. She is not sure whether she loved Samuel in the true sense of the word and her fears drive her on a journey to find out more about her own creation and Samuel’s past. Her Dark Migration is fascinating and Sandra R. Campbell, the author, leads the reader into this adventure with ease.

Campbell forms visuals with words effortlessly and weaves a storyline that is scary. She creates a tension with her unique characters that immediately captures interest. The plot is a dark fantasy lover’s dream come true. The humor, budding sexual awareness, experimentation, and growth that Seanna experiences engages the reader more and more throughout the novel. The introduction of secondary characters is seamless.

Seanna’s struggles take her to South Africa where she uncovers more of Samuel’s history. It is dark and, as she meets more of his creations, she realizes there are no easy answers to her confusing emotions. Not just emotions, but something is changing deep inside her through this journey. Not only does she discover that Samuel has made more than one creation, but meeting them and trying to survive leave her with a terrifying choice.

As Seanna continues her migration into darkness, she struggles with her humanity and realizes that there are people she cares deeply about. Will she retain that humanity or will her natural instincts turn her? You will have to read this treat to find out. This is an author that needs to hit the reading radar in a big way. Dark Migration is a fabulous novel and I am anxiously awaiting the sequel to find out what happens next! – TBR topbookreviewers.com

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