A girl on the cusp of womanhood is rescued from the misery of a barely functioning family by a handsome stranger with a mysterious past, only to discover the life she always dreamed of comes with a deadly price tag.

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About the Book

Seanna Raines is not happy. As a teenager, her only wish is to escape her miserable, barely-functioning family. Samuel is an ancient being, bored and alone, his only desire is to create another immortal – successfully. When Samuel rescues Seanna from an altercation with her alcoholic father, Seanna believes he is the perfect man. Just the scent of him has her head swimming in a beautiful fog. But when she accepts his first gift, a delicate black butterfly, her life is irreversibly changed.

Seanna’s newfound dream becomes a nightmare as a plague of death falls upon her family and friends. As the body count rises, her collection of black butterflies grows. With increasingly vivid nightmares, and the color fading from her eyes, Seanna suspects the man of her dreams is the one destroying her life. Never sure if she is awake or dreaming, she struggles to find the truth and what Samuel has done to her.

“Butterfly Harvest is a novel for fans of Stephen King and Dean Koontz.” Odyssey Reviews

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