Life is full of interruptions and missed opportunities. It’s no surprise. Everyone’s busy, juggling work, home, family and more. Let’s not even get into the demands of social media. That ugly beast has sharp meat hooks that are in so deep, many will never escape.



When you think about the second month of the year, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  Sweethearts, candy and flowers?

Most of us associate the third month of the meteorological winter with Valentine’s Day. While February is the shortest month on the calendar, READ MORE

Weldon, Smart Rhino & Zippered Flesh, Oh My…

I met Weldon Burge in the fall of 2014 at the Creatures, Crimes and Creativity Conference, more commonly known as C3 Con. We got acquainted over a pre-panel snack, discussing our affection READ MORE

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VOL. 2 


The first night away from home, I slept in the cool embrace of a vampire and dreamed of the death I’d left behind.

Beneath closed eyes an image of my mother appeared, whole and beautiful. Nothing like the last time I saw her face. In my dream she was tall and unspoiled, READ MORE

Stranger Things in Real Life

The success of Netflix series Stranger Things is due in part to incredible writing, talented actors and spot-on 1980’s nostalgia. However, my appreciation for the show may go a READ MORE

Too Many Hollywood Do-overs!

In the last decade, the number of movie remakes has risen to extremes. Regardless if it?s a new, all-female cast or a complete do-over, the results are the same: repetitious and unoriginal. Is Hollywood running out of ideas? Or are they brainwashed into believing READ MORE

The Final Scream

I published the following piece in the June edition of Monsters, Mayhem and More Newsletter. After sending this to 2,500 +  subscribers, I realized how down I felt. Figured others might feel the same way after reading it, and so I asked them to send the funniest joke READ MORE


BEHIND-THE-SCREAMS recounts my private tour of Laurel’s House of Horror: a bona fide haunted movie theater turned Halloween attraction. 

Daylight’s fading and the cracked sidewalks are nearly deserted. As we turn the corner, a familiar marquee comes into view. READ MORE

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